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[Fanfic] Whisper of Love •Sichul• (2)

 A nice smell..so soft...slowly he opened his eyes : ''AH!!'' 
The man laid on the another man's bed- under him his Hyung: Heechul.
 Still sleeping.
 His Pillow laid half on his bed, half on the floor. 
He wore a pink pyjama with little hearts, a present from his fans. 
The chocolate brown hair covered his face, but he still could see his lips, sweet lips...kissable lips...
 ''Really Really...Cute'' the shy man thought.
 Carefully he tried to stand up, and wispered then softly in Heechul's ear: 
''Hyung?? Can i sleep ...in your bed? I can't sleep...well~ Please, Hyung!''
 ''Uhh??'' a weird noise came from Heechul.
 ''Hyung...Please let me sleep here!!!'' Slowly Heechul opened his eyes. Darkness!
 ''Hyung!! Please let me sleep with you!!'' Siwon slightly angry replied. 
 ''Who are...Oh! Siwon-Dongsaeng~'' Heechul was awake, still very tired!
 He looked at his clock; 2:13 am.
 '''I only slept 3 hours'' thought the tired pretty Boy!
 ''Araso!! Simba~ Come Here!!''
 ''Don't ask!'' 
 Siwon smiled.
 *GLOMP*- Suddenly Siwon hugged his Hyung.
 ''Araso..Araso! Yet come here~'' 
''Kamsahamnida Heenim Hyung!''
 Siwon jumped into Heechul's bed. Now he would sleep...sleep very very well~
 Just 5 cm away...heard Heechul's breathing. 
''Saranghae Hyung'' Siwon wispered.
He could see how Heechul raised a smile. 
''Na Doo Saranghaeyo'' he answered- and fell into a deep Sleep!

Tags: boys love, fanfic, ff, heechul, love, part 2, sichul, siwon x heechul, suju, super junior, wisper of love
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